Beer Drinking Basics
Picking a Beer
With so many different types of beer out there, it can be difficult to know which one to pick. If you’re looking for a sophisticated beer, rather than a college keg, there are a few things to consider. Experts say you should pick a beer based off its aroma, appearance, mouthfeel and taste. Trying a new beer can be daunting, so pick things you might enjoy. If you’re at a restaurant or bar, ask your waiter or bartender questions about their variety of beers to ensure you find one that will meet your taste. Read more online at

Beer Tasting
Experts suggest not to taste beer with food or soon after evening. This, in addition to drinking water, will help cleanse your palate while tasting. It is also suggested to taste beer based off of color. If you are tasting beers of a variety of color, it is suggested you drink light to dark. Read more at

Avoiding Skunk Beer
According to the American Chemical Society skunked beer is beer that has a bitter awful taste due to a wrong chemical reaction in the beer. To avoid skunky beer, keep your beer in brown bottles or aluminum cans and keep them in the shade. Sunlight can cause the chemical reaction that can cause beer to be skunked. Read more online at

Properly Pouring Beer
Step 1 – Hold a clean glass in one hand, while holding the bottle in the other. Tilt your glass at a 45 degree angle.
Step 2 – Aiming for the center of the side of the glass, begin to pour your beer at a moderate pace.

Step 3 – When your glass is three-fourths full, turn the glass upright and pour the rest of the bottle. This will help control and give you the proper amount of foam in your beer. Some foam is a very good thing for beer, and by following these steps, you will ensure you have the desired amount. Read more at

Using the Right Glass
When choosing a beer glass, you usually won’t have to look further than the bottle it comes in. If the bottle is dark in color, it is perfect for drinking. Clear or green bottles are not as good to preserve the quality of the beer. Experts say a simple pint glass or a white wine glass will also suffice. If the beer is not served in a dark bottle, experts say the glass will not make a huge difference. Read more online at


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