Brewing Your Own Beer
Getting Started
Brewing your own beer can be a great hobby for beer lovers to pursue. Whether you purchase a beer-making kit or you brew it using what you have it home, it can be a fun and rewarding hobby. To brew your own beer, you need the following items: a boiling pot, kitchen strainer and or a cheesecloth, a stirring spoon, a thermometer, a hydrometer, fermentation containers, fermentation locks, a siphon hose, bottles and caps. To read more about brewing your own beer, visit

Sharing Your Homemade Beer
In the United States, many states place a limit on what you are legally able to do with your homemade beer. The 21st Amendment leaves alcohol regulation to each state, hence the varying regulations. Some states do not allow homemade beer to be consumed outside the home it was made in, while others allow it to be transported for festivals and competitions. For more information regarding the regulations surrounding sharing your homemade beer, visit
Storing Your Homemade Beer

When bottling your homemade beer, it is important to let the beer sit at room temperature for a couple of weeks. This will help the beer reach a desired level of carbonation. Then, store the beer in a refrigerator. Experts suggest you have a fridge solely for beer. Make sure the beer is bottled and sealed properly to ensure the best carbonation. Read more at



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