Storing Wine

How to Store an Open Bottle
The key to storing an opened wine bottle is to do your best to eliminate oxygen entering the bottle. The best way to ensure you can extend the life and quality of your bottle is to keep it refrigerated and put the original corks back in the bottle. Wine that is left on the counter in room temperature will not last nearly as long as a refrigerated wine. If you do not have the original cork, a tight-fitting bottle stopper will also work. When purchasing a bottle stopper, you will need to find one that will cover the bottle and seal tightly. Read more at

Storing for the Long Term

Experts say that most wines really shouldn’t be stored long term. Most wine is sold within two years of production and is enjoyed within six months after purchase. Not all wines are meant to be stored, either. Most people store wines to make money, to form a collection or to savor and reflect on life. Wine stored long term is best kept in a wine cellar, to ensure the best quality when you decide to open the bottle. To see an infographic guide to storing wines, visit

Starting a Wine Collection
Starting a wine collection may seem like a daunting (and expensive) task. But, wine fanatics at say there are five simple steps to ensure you can start a wine collection on a budget.

First, know your budget and expenses. If you keep this in mind, you’ll be able to grow your collection while keeping costs low.

Second, know what makes a wine “cellar worthy.” Wine lovers suggest you only buy wines you enjoy. There are also several qualities that the wine should include to ensure it can be stored long term in a collection.

Third, storage is key. The website suggests keeping the humidity at 75 percent, the temperature between 50 and 58 degrees in a place where it will stay that way year round.

Fourth, don’t fear the “off” vintages. It all comes back to sticking to your gut, experts say. Choose the wines that you want, and you believe will store long term for your collection.

Lastly, Carpe Diem, experts say. Pursue what you truly love. Want to see how a case of your favorite wine ages? Go out and purchase some and give it a go. Wine lovers say storing wine long term should be fun and inexpensive, so give it a try and carpe diem.


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